Madyson Barber

I am a First-Year graduate researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Physics and Astronomy.

My research revolves around the discovery of young exoplanets and the characterization of the planet, host star, and host star's association. I work with Dr. Andrew Mann in the Young World's Lab at UNC. Our lab recently released a paper about the 11-Myr TOI-1227 system. I'm currently working on a large scale survey of planets in young associations. You can read more about my previous work here.

While I'm not currently teaching, I was an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for COMP110 for three years. I worked with ~40 other undergrads to serve over 600 introductory computer science students each semester. I provided 5-6 one-on-one office hours and 2 hours of group tutoring per week, in addition to helping answer questions during lecture, developing course material, and being the primary point-of-contact for ~20 students.

Last Updated: February 2023